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Small primary bedroom with one low sloped wall

last month

Hello. I share a small under the eave bedroom with my husband. Our home is over a hundred years old. Basically, at the moment our room is just a chaotic, uncoordinated, pile of stuff. Messy, dirty, needs repairs, many items need to be replaced or fixed. I want to get it repaired, cleaned, tidy, organized, and decorated in a way that reflects our tastes. Neither my husband nor I are great at dyi. Because we have financial constraints, we will have to do projects one at a time.
We live in mn, so we have long, harsh, cold, dry air winters with moderately hot summers where about a third of the days are muggy. Spring and autumn are pretty mild.
Our bedroom square footage is about 8 x 10. The door is on the north wall and opens inward. The north wall is one of the long ones, becoming shorter until it touches the sloping wall. The sloping wall is approx 3 or 3 and a half ft at its lowest point and has a sky light in it. It's on the east side of the room. The south wall has a medium sized widow that's about 2 thirds of the way down going west and faced our yard.
The west wall has a tiny closet (also with a sloped ceiling) right where it joins to the south wall. The door opens into the room.
We have a queen size bed. Can't go any smaller cuz hubby and I are plus size. He would actually prefer a king bed but not sure if that would work in such a small room.
Our decorating style could include any of the following (doesn't have to be all these things but at least one):
Shabby chic
I like most colors, particularly white, pastels, jewel tones. I'd say my our fave colors are shades of aqua, turquoise, teal, emerald, mint, seafoam, basically green blues and blue greens in any intensity from barely there to super dark. The only colors I'm not super keen on as a whole are yellow toned greens and oranges (but peach and coral are fine) or anything with a lot of dull undertones, especially in large doses. However, I don't mind these if at least one of the following is true; small doses of the color (such as a background shade), contrasting the color with a more vibrant jewel tone, or having some bling/shine/sparkle with the color.
I know that's a lot of info, but I figured I should be specific in order to get better help. So here are my questions?
Where should I start?
What steps should I take and in what order?
Any tips to help save money?
Any ideas on what furniture to include?
Furniture placement?
What to do with the walls? Treatments? Decorations?
What to do with floor?
Window treatments?
Color scheme ideas?
Accessories and where to place them?
Ways to maximize storage space?
Any other tips/suggestions you can think of?
I'm not asking one person to answer all these questions. But anyone who can contribute even one thought here would be greatly appreciated. TIA!

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