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Let’s talk about funeral homes!

11 months ago

I’ve mentioned my ancient mother here several times. She is 105, and although I am certain she will outlive us all, odds are she won’t. I want to do some preplanning before the inevitable. Since all her friends and siblings are long gone, I do not plan on having much of a funeral. Perhaps a family gathering and graveside service. We had big parties for her 80th and 90th, so I have no guilt about that, and let’s face it, the dead don’t care.

She wants to have her body cremated and the ashes buried in a cemetery with her family in a very small town about 2.5 hours from here. The cemetery is owned by a funeral home in that town.

So, here’s my question. Do I need to talk to a nearby funeral home to make arrangements or should I deal directly with the funeral home in the small town? Who would arrange to pick up the body ( she is still in her own home with care), arrange the cremation and who gets the ashes? I’d want to pick out an urn or whatever in advance. She has a hospice nurse who would be available to ”pronounce” the death.

Would it be easier to deal with a local funeral home for death certificates and placing an obituary?

How does this work? Sorry if this is gruesome, but we all face it some day. Thanks.

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