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A garden experiment against the coming cold

laceyvail 6A, WV
3 months ago

For years I've grown savoy cabbages under double row cover and winter lettuce under a little plastic tent set over metal hoops. It's worked great for years (now that we don't really have much of a winter anymore); last winter I harvested the last cabbage in February. And today it's a balmy 45 degrees and not even noon yet. But that's about to change-- tonight starts rain, sleet, wintry mixes through Thursday night with Friday possibly a little snow (unfortunately not enough projected for good insulation) and then Friday night around 0 degrees, Saturday high of 13, Sat night 5.

In an effort to save my winter veggies, I just packed hay around and on top of the 5 cabbages and topped that with a double row cover. When the sun drops below the mountain around 4 this afternoon, I'll lay two tarps over the whole business to keep it all dry. For the lettuces, I tucked them under a multi layer blanket of row cover and topped that will a lot of hay. The plastic covering will go back over the hoops when I cover the cabbges. Probably won't peek at them until Monday when it's supposed to get into the 30s.

I'll report back. And do wish me luck. I sure do hate to lose them so early in the season.

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