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Want to start gardening but I have no experience!

10 years ago

Hi :)
I've just begun working as a live-in nanny in Australia.
My new family has a herb garden but the soil looks dry and the herbs don't look very healthy. (I saw curly parsley, strawberries, sour grass, marigolds, some sort of leafy plant like rocket maybe? and a few other things)
I wanted to start doing organic gardening as a hobby and use their garden but I haven't really ever done gardening!
There is space to plant more and I have seeds for basil, parsley, capsicum, eggplant, roma tomatoes, tarragon, etc but I have no idea what to do or where to start, should I get fertiliser? or soil? I know all herbs and veggies have different needs for planting and sunlight etc but I would really appreciate a few tips or pointers :)
By the way in australia April is the second month of Autumn and I've heard its not good to plant herbs around the colder months but it doesn't get very cold here, the days get down to a minimum or around 15 degrees celcius which is about 60 degrees f.
Thanks for your help :) x

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