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Do you have a really good black bean recipe?

3 months ago

I have a jar and 1/4 of black beans I dried from my garden last year. I made some random soup with it but I really didn't like it very much. Half of it is still in the freezer so when I thaw it out I'll have to doctor it up. The other one I ate some of it, gave Chewie the rest of the meat in it and tossed the rest after it sat uneaten in my fridge.

I usually like my soups, but this one just didn't taste all that great. I'm thinking of taking the frozen one, removing the meat (pork) and blending it and maybe putting chili powder or some other seasoning in it.

But if anyone has a good black bean soup or other recipe I would love to see it. I use them in my "one pot quinoa" dish I got from Hello Fresh years ago and sometimes in my chili if they are the only beans I have in the house but don't have many other recipes.

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