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LG great dryer, drum won’t stop.

last year

I hope Dadoes is here, or if anyone else has had this problem. I have a 10 year old set LG washer and dryer. Model for dryer is DLEX 2650. No problems on either until the dryer drum wont stop turning. Lights come on, heating element works, can set it on any cycle works great. Trouble is after it has completed the cycle the lights and heat element all turn off and the drum continues to turn. I either have to leave the door open or turn it off at the fuse box. I’ve tried taking everything out, close the door turn it back on at the fuse box and the lights are off, and the drum merrily starts turning. I love the washer and dryer and really don’t want to replace either. This is the first problem in over 10 years. Anyone have suggestions? Thank you.


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