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New schefflera arboricola wrinkled leaves

Cassie (8b Southern AZ, high desert)
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Hi everyone, I just bought a schefflera arboricola and had it delivered this weekend.

There were three plants in the pot, all of which are now separated into their own planters. I was poking around them (because I'm always obsessed with staring at new plants) and noticed that one of the three has oddly wrinkled leaves. Any idea what could cause this?
They were all together in a 4" growers pot, in what appeared to be a peat-based potting mix. It was heavily amended with perlite and broke up easily when I repotted them, and the roots all looked healthy (sorry, didn't think to take photos).
They did sit in their box for a couple extra days - they shipped earlier than I expected, the 29th, and therefore arrived on the 1st while I was out of town, so they sat in the dark until I got home on the 4th. The potting media was still a little damp when I unboxed them, but not very
Only one of the three has the wrinkly leaves though, even though they were all subjected to the same conditions 🤷‍♀️

First two photos are the plant with the wrinkled leaves, second two are the other two

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