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Looking for a counterpoint to pumpkin (not sage or onion)

last month

Being that I have plenty of pumpkins this year, I thought I'd try to make pumpkin latkes. But a family favorite are sweet potato-red onion, and regular potato latkes have onion, and zucchini latkes have onion. Any time I put sage in the vicinity of hot oil, it burns, so I don't want to do sage.

It needs something. I've thought of fennel, which pairs with pumpkin well enough, but I'm scared it'll take over. I don't think the texture would work with turnips or radishes. Roasted garlic is probably too out there for company. So's kale.

Help! I feel like I'm missing something obvious--besides onions. Though, I suppose scallions could work onionly and look different... Any suggestions?

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