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Noisy toilet pipe

Imma S
last year
last modified: last year

We recently purchased a house and one of the biggest reason for purchasing it is that it has a guest bedroom on the 1st floor. It is located directly under the master bathroom on the 2nd floor.

Well after we moved in we noticed that the pipe from the master bath toilet goes through the walls of the guest room, specifically, that wall where the bed is. Each time we flush the master bath toilet, the pipe makes this huge noise. We had a plumber coming in doing a general inspection and when we brought up this issue, he initially said, it's common. However when we demonstrated it to him, he was surprised at how loud it is but says he doesnt have any suggestions on how to fix it.

Has anyone experienced similar issues and how did you remedy it? We did some online search and seems that one way is to replace the PVC pipe with metal pipe. But seems like a big project.

Thank you.

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