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Would you go for fewer larger drawers in a 42'' vanity? Or...

Sara D
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

The last bit of cabinetry to order if for the main bath. It is a small bungalow, so I am lucky to get a 42" vanity in. It will have a single, undermount sink. Have not decided if it will be on center or to the side. Plumbing new so no contraints here yet. I want some drawers for organization. I am just wondering how useful a tower of drawers on each side of a centered sink would be for function? Assuming there would be a door or some sort in the center if center plumbing. The drawers would be pretty small drawers.

Maybe drawers on just one side with an off center sink? Bottom drawer deep for blow dryer, etc. Then some shallow, slightly wider drawers? There are so many vanity organizing tools that can be purchased, and generally weight of items stored in the wider drawer not an issue in bathrooms. Is there anything I haven't thought of? There will also be a recessed medicine chest for storage.

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