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WWYD - I purchased a damaged painting

2 months ago

I purchased an oil/wax encaustic painting at an art gallery this weekend -- It was a holiday event and artwork/crafts were distributed through multiple rooms and floors. I met the artist and she wrote up my invoice but she wasn't in the same room with the painting -- she did see it though when she prepared the invoice.

I noticed an odd, seemingly out of place gouge in the middle of the painting but because of the media, there is texture to the painting and I thought it may have been intentional even if out of place. When I returned home, I looked up the artist and found an image of the painting on her site-- without the mark. I reached out-- she thanked me and said she would fix the painting later this month. I am very happy with that but I suspect she saw the damage when I purchased it. Of course, I DID buy it with the damage because.. I didn't realize it wasn't intentional lol.

So now the question: She hasn't mentioned a cost and I think it is pretty clear she wont-- do I pay or tip her for fixing the painting? I didn't damage it but I did purchase it as it is. It wasn't super expensive but it was in the $500 range (a little less). If I DO tip her or offer to pay-- should it be a percentage? a set amount?

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