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Which shade for my cupboards: Darker or Lighter?

Rachel Garwood
last month
last modified: last month

I am repainting my cupboards and could use some help.

Picture #1 - Current kitchen below.

Picture #2 - Two swatches on cabinet show Pewter Green (Darker - Top) and Attitude Gray (Lighter - Bottom).

Picture #3 - Picture of new paint colors for wall next to cabinet color (Attitude Gray). Passive Gray in Kitchen and Anew Gray (beige color) for living room.

Picture #4 - Kitchen by Joanna Gaines for inspiration. She used Attitude Gray on bottom cupboards for reference.

I should mention that not painting is not an option. while the cupboard doors are oak, the sides are pressed wood and are peeling in several places. Eventually I may replace all cabinets with wood ones again, but I need a temporary fix to hold me over, and I am trying paint to see how I like it before investing in all new cabinets.

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