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New Medical Problem: High Ferritin

last year
last modified: last year

I've never had cause to think about too much iron being a problem for anyone. All the cautions are about getting *enough* iron, and it's added to many foods for that reason. However, DH has more than the normal level of ferritin (300 is top of normal for men). His is currently 521, and was 801 when he was in hospital in February. So, it's not super high (1000 and up), and it has come down since February. Now he is trying to consume fewer iron-heavy foods before his next blood test.

He may have always had higher levels -- unknown because he wasn't tested for it earlier -- or it could be due to a genetic factor, an unknown because DH was adopted as an infant. Both his birth parents would have had to have this disorder for their children to have it. If that's the case, the treatment is periodic bleeding.

If it's not genetic, there is chelation -- oral meds that absorb and remove iron. Even then, blood letting is sometimes prescribed.

Does anyone on the KT have experience with high ferritin?

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