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Positive thoughts to spare? (Medical issues w/my 7 yo)

10 years ago

You all really helped me through my medical issues with my infant. I thought we would have break.

This time, it's my 7 y.o. About 1.5 years ago, she complained of headaches. She had a CT done and it was clear. Re-tested vision and she was borderline for glasses, and she seemed to improve.

She still complained on/off about headaches, but the doctor didn't seem worried after the CT was done, so I did nothing. :(

She was complaining more about her eyes recently, and I figured she just needed new glasses. I can't even believe, when I look back, why I did not pay more attention. She kept asking to go to the eye doctor-- I really thought she just wanted new frames because she mentioned that a lot. Anyway, once we were there, when we went through the checklist with her, she said, "Yes, I have double vision." I was shocked, but my older DD had something similar and vision therapy fixed it.

This DD's issue is much worse. Her double vision is constant. Headaches are constant. I FINALLY got an appt with the ped yesterday, and from there we went to a ped. ophthalmologist. The eye doctor could find absolutely nothing wrong with her eyes.

Anyway, she will have a brain MRI tomorrow if the insurance gets through (I called so many times today). I feel so horrible that I did not address this sooner.

So, if you can throw a positive thought my DD's way, I would really appreciate it.

Peace and love to you all.

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