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How to make gravy without much pan drippings

I wasn't paying that much attention when hubs came home with our small turkey. I thought it was an 8 lb. turkey but it is just a turkey breast. My Dad is going to be disappointed because he does not like white meat very much. I thought I could possibly compensate by making gravy but I don't know what the pan drippings will be like, so I'm wondering if there is a way to make a "sauce" that could go with this, by using chicken broth, some other fats, etc. I could make a veloute sauce but they always seem kind of "meh" to me . . . probably because all I have is low sodium low fat chicken broth . . . no way to get a roasted meat flavor in there . . . I might be able to rustle up some hickory smoked salt and I have smoked paprika . . . I dunno . . .

Anyone have any ideas?

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