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Two color tiles, frame size/width

Mr & Mrs Perfectionistos
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago


We have a traditional dining room designed with a black tile as the frame and white tiles in center. we are trying to figure out how big the frame should be and how it should be distributed.

Please see some options we have attached, as well as 3d renderings.

The room is ± 13'-4" X 18'-10"

I should also note, as you can see pictured the curios and buffet will be along the left wall, they are ± 22" deep

Question, what is the right width for the outer black frame? is 2' enough?

Should it be the same on all 4 sides?

Is there a rule of thumb for the % distribution?

For example, in option 1 we have two feet on all sides save for the part I marked in orange which is only 1' 4.5"

The white tiles are

The black tiles are

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