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November bouquets & rain barrel & lemon balm

strawchicago z5
2 months ago
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Here are some bouquets taken today, 11/02/22 in my zone 5a. Austins and blue roses bloom best in cold fall, despite several frosts in mid-Oct down to 28 F. I can smell the perfume of this bouquet wafting 30 feet across from the kitchen.

Orange Pat Austin has the best scent (nectarine, passion fruit, and mango), next is yellow Golden Celebration (smells like lemon cupcakes fresh from the oven), blue is Lagerfeld (like an expensive perfume), small dark red is a cluster of Purple Lodge (spicy old rose), pinks are Savannah (nice floral scent), upper beige is Queen Nerfertiti (scent is wonderful in cool weather):

Below upper beige is Mary Magdalene (wafting scent of frankincense and floral), large salmon is Sweet Mademoiselle (fruity and myrrh), dark red is The Dark Lady (nice old rose scent):

Evelyns (light pink) have about 6 buds ready to pop open this Nov. 2. Light pink is Comte which blooms best in cold weather. Dark red is Veteran's Honor. Dark pinks are Dee-lish. Snapdragons are cold hardy, and re-sow themselves through my zone 5a winter:

Below bouquet was dated Nov. 19, back when I grew Louis Estes (bi-color) below.

Evelyn is large pink. Small pinks are Cloudert Soupert.

Below bouquet was dated Nov 1, with Big Purple on top, yellow Strike it Rich is a good fall bloomer, same with Crown Princess Mag (center), and Aloha (pink) is a good bloomer in late fall.

Below bouquet was dated Nov. 14 few years ago, with Evelyn is always the largest bloom. Yellow Calendula (pot marigold) blooms until we get snow in zone 5a. Upper dark pinks are Dee-lish, which blooms until Thanksgiving:

What are your best blooming roses in late fall in cold temp? Thank you.

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