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Spirit of Freedom in 9a Texas

last year

Spirit of Freedom is such an amazing climber. I was so glad to order this rose in 2021 as I heard DA decided to discontinue it. When I got it from K&M last year, it even came with a bud! Typically for most climbers, they don't bloom in the 1st year. I was so delighted to see how fast it produced its 1st bloom. A few months after settling in its new home, it grew well.

Now at 1.5 yrs old, WOW it has been an amazing bloomer. Boy, those petal packed flowers are absolutely gorgeous! One of the very RARE DA roses that BLOOM WELLin Texas heat! If you are in the South like me, you may understand how roses grown in our climate look nothing like roses grown in the PNW. However, Spirit of Freedom does NOT disappoint. Heat and chilli thrips may impact it to some degree but overall it does very well.

I have mine in a big 22" pot and thinking about moving it to the ground next year and allow it to flourish even more. I have more videos of SoF on my Youtube channel at RosesInHouston as well if anyone wants to see more of this rose.

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