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Should I re fertilize

Seeded about three weeks ago and seedlings are about 1/2"high

I used starter fertilizer at the time of seeding.

Since than we had the outskirts of a hurricane. It dropped over 5" of rain in two days.

I guess all the fertilizer leached down past the roots of the seedlings.

I was wondering if I should re fertilize the give the new seedlings a boost. If so, should I use more starter fertilizer, turf builder or wintergard?


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  • dchall_san_antonio
    3 months ago

    Seeds have plenty of nutrition built in to carry them a full month while roots are developing.

    You are essentially guessing that the fertilizer has washed away. If you are at all afraid that you would be doubling up on the fertilizer, then you could use any organic fertilizer instead. Organic fertilizers don't work like chemical fertilizers, so there is no danger of an interaction or over reaction.

    Of the ones you are considering, Wintergard is not a good choice. I would pick the starter again.

    David Moore zone 6a nw new jersey thanked dchall_san_antonio
  • David Moore zone 6a nw new jersey
    Original Author
    3 months ago

    My whole 2/3 of an acre died because of a severe drought. Lived here 55 years and never experienced a total kill of my grass. I waited for it to come back but it never did. I used a sun joe and scarified the whole yard and then seeded (140 pounds) and fertilized. I am having excellent germination as I water daily.

    I am very proud of myself as I am 83 years old!

  • rifis (zone 6b-7a NJ)
    3 months ago

    That is impressive, at any age.

    If you are thinking of Milorganite, OceanGro is a very cost-effective alternative here in NJ, though the closest seller to you may be in north-central NJ.

    Do you know the composition of your lawn that did not come back (death, not dormancy)?

    I wonder if mid Sept. (3 weeks ago) was late enough to conclude it had died.

  • David Moore
    3 months ago

    The only parts of the lawn that survived were small areas under the three small trees I have

    I would guess my lawn was mostly perennial rye.

    This time I reseeded with Pennington Sun and Shade and am very pleased with the results.

    Most of the new grass is about 1/2-1" tall.

    Should look good by May of next year.

    People that did nothing have dead spots or lawn has filled in with weeds