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Inspiration vs Reality

last month

I've been working on my living/dining/office area for fully 10 years. I finally figured out why I never got close to what I want mainly due to:

  • Impatience. Failing to wait on the right item. Buying items that didn't fit with the inspiration room.
  • Buying an item and then coming onto Houzz to find a room to match. Basically starting over every time.
  • Failing to realize the rooms I chose no way matched the way I live.

The last one is the biggest impediment. For instance, here is one inspiration. Note that the room is showroom perfect with no little "whatnots" around. Forget the fact that my room is not scaled like this, does not have the same type of ceiling, etc. I cleaned out my Ideabooks for any room that was unachievable.

ARDEO™ ABODE · More Info

This is closer to reality, eclectic, very casual with "stuff":

Carroll Gardens duplex renovation · More Info

Guess what? I now realize I love walking into the room. It shouts me. Consignment, thrift store and Craigslist finds. I will be posting next week with 3 specific dilemmas that I need help in making a decision, but overall finally heading in the right direction.

What about you? Does your reality match your inspiration? Show me.

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