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Can we plant winter rye now and add grass seed in the spring?

I'm wondering if we can plant winter rye this month and then establish a lawn next spring? We're in northern New England and by the time we're ready to plant, it will likely be too late to establish grass seed. We'd like to get something planted this fall to stabilize the soil and prevent erosion. The goal would be to eventually have an environmentally friendly lawn with clover. Can we plant winter rye, cut in the spring, and then add additional seed without tilling?

There is a complex backstory. We tore down a house on this property a few days ago. The soil in question hasn't seen the light of day for more than 50 years. It may also be contaminated by an improperly drained septic tank (a situation that is being addressed). We've added lime and will bring in new fill/topsoil. (We haven't done soil testing but I suspect the soil in the area is highly acidic; blueberries and rhododendron grow wild in the area and I've never seen wild rhododendron this far north). By the time we're ready to plant something it seems as though winter rye will be the best option to stabilize things for the winter. Can we then oversow next spring?


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