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Always learning even when without electricity

2 months ago

My college freshman granddaughter came by with 3 friends and delivered a nice ”Sorry about you having no power” basket. And an invite to stay in the dorms with them (offer declined, we are comfortable).

Its fun just listening and learning. Who knew that University of Alabama coeds are considered to be the epitome of fashion for young adults, this from Florida girls. And who knew that these shoes are the current ’big thing’. Even they think they are overpriced. And stupid. Especially when they learned that I try to keep my shoe of choice, white Keds slipons, brand new looking. Yes, they still like already ripped jeans.

Here’s the Golden Goose, which is really a golden egg for the designer. Note that they come already scuffed so you don’t have to scuff them yourself.

But! I found a Sale!

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