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Spacing for a mixed variety of trees

bart bart
last year

Spacing is always a problem for me. I look on Internet but can't find any precise answer to my own issues; mostly I just find information about spacing fruit trees for an orchard, or spacing to prevent fire hazard, or spacing from power lines, etc . My garden is out in a woodland, with no house or anything; I want to plant trees to provide shade and add beauty and variety. I have a lot of roses already, but here in Tuscany, Italy, roses are NOT full-sun plants by any means; the summer sun is just way too hot (my guess is that maybe only cactus could survive well in full sun here).

I have several potted trees, all of different varieties,and I'd like to plant them to give a natural effect. In this article here ,the author discusses planting trees close together to provide shade faster, and to encourage them to grow tall, rather than wide, and this is what I'd like to do,so I am thinking to put Chitalpa taskensis no more than a maximum of about 5 meters away from a Kwanzan cherry; maybe less. Could I get away with , say 3-4 meters? I want them to grow as tall as possible,since my land slopes sharply down towars the south-west. Keep in mind that on my poor and rocky soil, trees tend to be smaller than they'd grow on deep soil. How much space must I allow between a Paulownia and another tree?

And, another thing: how much space to leave between an Italian cypress and another tree? The cypresses don't grow wide at all, but they are very drought-tolerant,so I worry that they might bully a more demanding tree...

I'd greatly appreciate to hear any thoughts or comments about this issue; thanks in advance.

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