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How should i cover/fix this wall recently built up by silicate?

2 months ago

Hi guys!

I've recently had a former door opening walled up and a new smaller window built in, this openings covered. The material used is silicate (not sure how it is in english, dictionary said this way).

I'd like to cover it up so it looks semi-decent. I have an idea to smooth it out with some cemeting paste, then stick polsystyrol to it, then finish with some drywall.

Since i've never done this i'd like to ask for some opinions, maybe guides, books, videos on the topic (I've had no luck finding it on this material. Is it a good idea? Should i do something else? Any other layer i should consider?

I know it's a bold endavour but my so-far expert fell seriously ill, and i'm tired of chasing down pros. They are super busy in my area and rarely accept such small assignments.

Any input is welcome! Thank you!

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