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Most fragrant dwarf buddleja?

last year
last modified: last year

I bought a butterfly bush back when I was completely new to gardening, but unfortunately it died in 2021 due to a mystery blight that wiped out many plants in my garden.
I loved the fragrance sooo much but I now understand full size varieties are just too big for my container garden.
Lately I've seen several dwarf varieties of buddleja on various sites, but I wonder if the fragrance is really as good as in the full size ones.
The dwarf varieties I've seen available so far are:
Alternifolia "Unique"
Chip series : Blue Chip, Lilac Chip etc.
Nanho series: Nanho Blue, Nanho Purple, etc
Free Petite series: Lavender Flow, etc...
Miss Ruby
Does anyone have any experience with these?Can anyone recommend any other highly fragrant dwarf buddleja variety?
(Zone 11, Coastal Malta, South Mediterranean)