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Argh! Note to restaurateurs: Don’t tell me fibs about your food!

last year

DH and I have just come on a short vacation. It’s a public holiday so many restaurants aren’t open. We found one that looked promising, interesting menu, lots of rave reviews. They have a tapas style menu which suits us as we like to share lots of different things.

Well…it had so much promise, but didn’t live up to it. First plate was bao buns with Korean BBQ pork, gochujang sauce and Chinese cabbage slaw. They were tasty, but would have been better with more bite from more gochujang sauce and less dressing on the slaw, as quite a lot of it leaked out and made it messy to eat.

Next plate, not so great. Billed as Crab and Corn Croquettes, they were $6 each for something about the size of a half hotdog. This isn’t too outrageous a price here as customers don’t generally tip: the servers get a decent wage from the employer. So, croquette beautifully crisp- where’s the crab? where’s the corn? 99% of the filling was panada/bechamel. I got one corn kernel and maybe a shred of crab caught in my teeth.

We called the waitress and asked her to remove the remaining two croquettes as there was nothing in the filling. She came back to say that the chef wanted us to know that crab was very expensive at the moment so he had cut back on it, and we would not be charged for that plate. I explained that absent the price of crab, I did feel that one single corn kernel was not acceptable.

We waited for the third plate we had ordered, stuffed mushrooms. These were quite good, but they were delivered to our table by the chef, who was keen to explain how croquettes are made, to justify why it was all bechamel. I commented that I was well aware of how to make croquettes, and if you don‘t have much crab, you add more corn. He persisted, whereupon DH interrupted and said, ”My wife has been working as a chef for about 45 years, so don’t try to make up excuses.” The chef gave up, reassured us that we would not be charged, and left.

It was sad, because we had intended to order more food, but instead were pretty soured by the experience, so we went back to our accommodation and ate some cheese crackers we had brought with us.

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