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A Few Still Going Here

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I have four daylilies still blooming this weekend, and two pink seedlings that should start reblooming late next week. I didn't get a photo of Tides Roll In this week, but here are the other three:

Seedling "Big 8 Inch" started reblooming yesterday, and it opened pretty well after an overnight low of 53 degrees. Although this one has 8-inch blooms at the beginning of the season, the rebloom flower was barely seven. There's only been a trace of rain these last four weeks, and blooms are smaller because of it. The petals are also narrower and less ruffled than earlier. This seedling has unknown parentage, but I suspect it is Red Venom X Dancing Flamingo.

Blue Swallowtail had a nice trio a couple of days ago.

Jewel of Tavares with a pair of flowers and a bumblebee.


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