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House Design Dilemma... What do you think about this?

Elizabeth Williams
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Would a Sliding Glass Door permit by code in your state, to be the Main Door "Egress" to your single family residence?

I'm getting ready to permit for a new home on a farm in Hawaii, and the Architect specified a 8'x8' vinyl sliding glass door as the Main Door Entry (which sounded good to me), to create good natural light and ventilation (it's under a roof and large Lanai, so no tropical storms will reach the door).

Unfortunately, he passed away last week and I've been scrambling ever since to pick up any unanswered questions. Houzz has been a Blessing to me, so many smart and wise people on this site.....

I found 2 example photos, both in Hawaii, but I'm unsure if that's their "Main Door" entry to the Dwelling.

Would you happen to know if this is allowed in your own state?

Thank you all for your wisdom and knowledge.

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