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Porch floor before/ after

Trailrunner Zone 7a VA
5 days ago
last modified: 5 days ago

The first time the Black Locust was installed it wasn’t dry enough. Seller mislead us and my GC felt responsible also for not double checking . No warranty from seller… that’s another story. My GC removed all and took it to be re-milled which required him to find more wood . He did and it was better than the first, as well as the newly re- milled wood being better looking. All was allowed to dry further in a protected barn and then reinstalled. Due to so many delays and my GC being extremely popular instead of April it was September!

I researched sealing it which the original seller was against. The Milk Paint Co. sells a special outdoor real tung oil with pine oil and zinc . I am glad it was a big delay as the weather has been perfect.


After 6 coats :

I am so pleased. I used my Swiffer with a rag attached and applied thin coats and let them dry inbetween. It is very easy to use. It is curing now for 2 weeks and then we can walk on it. Fully cured 30 days. The ODO- outdoor defense oil, cleans up with soap and water so a big plus.

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