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Need advice on woodworking education

2 months ago

Can you suggest resources that will help me learn woodworking the proper way?

I am a DIYer working on my second whole house remodel. I want to develop a simple semi-custom cabinetry product to sell over the Internet. It will involve shelves and possibly doors, no drawers. The skill set I will need is limited.

I never had the opportunity to take a shop course in school (thinking about volunteering at a local high school and auditing, but I don’t know if that’s an option). I am in a rural area so there are probably no other classes within commuting distance.

I did a successful whole house remodel by doing Internet research, asking questions of retailers, and trial and error. It was successful as the house sold for significantly more than expected.

I have some time (and another house to remodel) before I start the business. Samples of the new products will be built for the house for showroom photos.

What suggestions do you have for learning the trade, or at least the limited skills I need to make this work?

(Note: This post was motivated by the ”Death to cam lock nuts” article someone posted a link to. I thought those were supposed to be good since I have some really old furniture that uses that hardware and still looks great. Now I need to rethink how to design my product and I don’t have enough background other than referencing the recent cheaper ready-to-assemble furniture I purchased. I would like to design ready-to-assemble products that appeal to contractors, to limit my audience to repeat business.)

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