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Large Display Case Bypass Doors

last month

HI everyone. I’ve found this site to be a tremendous resource for past projects so thought I’d ask about this one.

I’m building three large display case in my man cave. All floor to ceiling 8’ tall and 6-10’ long. I already have 1/2” sande ply up that will serve as the backer. I’ll attach 1x5s or 1x4 around the perimeter of each with pocket screws. The center will have floor to ceiling model train aluminum shelves (think sliding glad door tracks) screwed to the plywood and studs behind.

I’d like each case to have 8’ high bypassing acrylic or glass doors with hardware that mounts to the 1x5s. Need the doors for protection from my children, accidents, and dust. I don’t have the space for doors to open out. I’d prefer acrylic because it won’t break, but holy cow it’s expensive. I’d be almost 2k in 1/4” acrylic. I could use 1/8” acrylic but I’m having trouble finding roller bearing door hardware for 1/8”. How would you all go about this? The doors will be opened routinely.