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Help with minimal cooking items

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Situation: Girl new at college. They have a nice dorm kitchen but no pots, dishes, utensils. No heating devices in the rooms. There's no old style cafeterias with given meal plans, just eating places that get charged against the student account. She has a birthday coming...

What specific items would you give her, knowing that she has to take them to and from the kitchen, and store them in an overcrowded room (i.e., extra bed and roommate more than the room was designed for).

She's not cooking fancy meals. Already bought herself a toaster because she thought it was ridiculous she had to go out in the rain to get a piece of toast. She needs things to be able to make an egg, a piece of chicken or meat. A salad. Maybe a little soup. Basics.

I can't decide if she needs a peeler if she has a knife. But maybe a ladle would make soup much more attractive. Things like that. Not sure what to choose. What do you think?

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