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Front Entry: Replace Damaged Brick or Cover with Wood Decking

2 months ago

Hi, I've been remodeling my house and everything is almost done. But, I have these brick steps at the entrance to my house that need some help. On the steps some bricks are cracked or missing. You can't see in this photo but the side of the steps are also covered in mortar so you can't see the exposed brick.

I don't have a big budget for this. So, I'm considering replacing the cracked/missing bricks myself. I'm worried that I won't be able to get a good brick match or that the mortar won't match. Maybe I could stain or paint it so it's a uniform color?

Other option is to try to cover it with Trex decking to match our backyard deck. Not sure how I would secure this yet. Any suggestions?

Open to other options as well!

Thanks Houzz :)

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