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Suggestion for updating entry / front door

4 years ago

I LOVE the inside of our house and the back yard. But I despise the entrance. There is zero curb appeal in my opinion. We had someone come and give us a quote for a front porch with a grand peak and while it looked gorgeous and high end, the estimate was $59K! So that was a huge no. Since then, we’ve added the shutters, painted the previously white bannisters brown, and had the foundation repainted (seen in the full house photo). Now we are looking for a simple entrance update facelift that would look nice but keep it under $8-10K. ** Quick note we will be hiring out for all of this and not doing it ourselves..

Ideally, I would love to put in a new door with a single sidelight to center the appearance of the door in the space, which would require relocating the electric which doesn’t seem to be a huge deal.

We could paint the wood paneling a light grey/tan color found in the brick to brighten it up and put in a dark brown door ..

Or we could replace the wood paneling with some other material (maybe stucco - I think cultured stone would compete too much with the brick). And do a light colored material with the dark brown door ..

We could keep the entrance walls darkish with a stucco or something and do something a little more funky by getting a powder blue door..

Open to any and all options. I’m thinking of starting to get an idea in the meantime by getting paint swatches and taping them to the areas. Then maybe trying to paint our current door powder blue (since we are planning to replace it anyway) to give us the idea of what it would look like.

Anyone that can, please help me love our homes outside as much as I love the inside !!

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