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Huge red flag? Grab bars on glass shower wall.

last year
last modified: last year

Does anyone make glass shower enclosures rated for use of grab bars? Not towel bars, but permanent grab bars that are ADA rated?

We're interviewing an architect for our tricky NYC studio bathroom renovation who said glass shower enclosure are strong enough to drill an ADA grab bar into and take a person's weight. Can they? Is this a huge red flag that he doesn't know what he's talking about?

My dad, a wonderful, paranoid mechanical engineer who takes safety very seriously suggested perhaps some glass is rated for grab bars. He said forget about the word 'studs', which is just a way of saying a sturdy structure that can take the weight ie - not drywall. (True, our walls are concrete and plaster, no studs to be found in this building.)

I've never seen pics of glass frameless showers with grab bars and can't find info about it. All I see is about studs, which doesn't apply to us. Do we run from this architect? Is there a glass solution I am missing?

Note: Not moving location of fixtures. Want fully enclosed shower, not an open shower.

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