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A saying carved in a headstone...

last month

My husband died a year ago. His death has left me in a state that I don't understand. Depressed, lonely, and trying to figure out how to move forward.

My mother died in 1985. But a year before she died she told me she didn't want to be buried with my father who was in a military cemetery. She loved where I lived as it was a beautiful area of NY with lots of woodlands and wildlife. There was a cemetery in our area which she loved. A neighbor of mine had died and she attended the funeral with us. While at the cemetery, she saw a deer, some rabbits and birds. She wanted to be buried in that cemetery. She arranged it and bought a grave that could bury 4 people plus unlimited cremations.

When she died suddenly, a year later she was buried there. I had to buy a headstone. My mother was Irish and I went to the library to find poems by Irish writers which seemed appropriate. I found one and had two lines carved in the headstone.

Since her death, my brother was buried there and now my husband.

The Irish poem doesn't fit, plus the poem takes up so much room on the headstone I don't have room to put everyone on the stone.

Sooo, I have to buy a new headstone. I'm trying to find a line which would fit everyone. A single line that could fit either man or women. I can't find a saying. It will be a large headstone for a double grave, and I really want something to express my love for my mother, brother and husband.

Eventually, I will be buried with them. My son who never married might also be buried there.

Sorry this is so long, its hard to describe, but I know someone here could help me find a line from a poem or saying that would be appropriate but also loving.


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