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Best Budded Daylilies of 2022

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I've waited a long time to do this post because I was so bummed about the severe decrease in bud counts here due to lack of rain. But I know some of you, like Mantis, had bountiful rain and an excellent season. So wow us with your Bud Kings and Queens.

These were my bud stars this year:

1. Seedling Grandma's Smile X Dearest Valentine has claimed this title two years running. This year two scapes had 25 buds. The other scapes ranged from 14-19 buds. Last year the best scape had 44 buds through bud building. Almost no bud building took place this year because temps were near 100 for so long and rain was scarce.

A single bloom

2. I had three daylilies with 23 buds that tied for second: Star Lord, El Desperado and a seedling.

Star Lord's best scape had 23 buds. The other two scapes had 21 and 19 buds.

El Desperado has not made this list for four years. One scape had 23 buds. The other scapes ranged from 13-19. As you can see, the scapes were of varying heights thanks to the grubs.

Seedling Destined to See X Unknown - I was pretty disappointed with this one when it had only one scape with 21 buds. Last year bud counts ranged from 24-35, and the previous year from 26-41.

4. Fourth place was another tie with a seedling and Last Chance for Romance.

Seedling August Frost X Winter's Angel also disappointed methis year with its best scape at 21. Last year's best scape had 41 and two years ago it had 47 buds. There was bud building in past years, but not this time.

Last Chance for Romance has three scapes with 21 buds.

5. Fifth place went to three with 19 buds:

North Wind Dancer has never placed as a Bud Queen before. While it may have had 19 buds before there were normally so many in my garden with counts in 20s, 30s and 40s that it didn't get noticed. It had two scapes with 19 buds this time.

I'm Gonna Love You Through It is crowned a bud queen for the first time. It attained its highest bud count ever - 19 - in a bad year. It usually has 13-14 buds.

The Big 8-Inch seedling also had 19 buds and 5-way branching on the best scape.

I'm looking forward to hearing about yours.


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