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Best Budded Registered Daylilies of 2021

last year

Tell us about the Bud Kings that racked up the most flower buds this season. This thread is for registered daylilies only. I'll make a separate thread for seedling bud kings later in the week. This would be for the best single scape on the cultivar.

Overall, my daylilies had fewer buds than last year. I think that's due to the lack of rain in April, May and June.

#1 - My best budded daylily of all was Spanish Glow with a best scape bearing 32 buds.

Coming in second place was Musical Medley with 31 buds. That's exactly what it had last year too.

Third place was a tie with two daylilies coming in at 28 buds each.

I Lava You

Surfin' Dude may end up with more than 28 since it bud builds some years.

I'll post the rest of mine later.


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