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Movie Night Post-Mortem

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Because we’ve discussed various elements of my first foray into entertaining solo, I thought I do a wrap up in one place.

The Movie

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris was a cute bit of fluff with a happy ending. It left each of us with a smile on our face.

The Trays

The scent of the placemats did not totally disappear, but it diminished to where you had to put your nose almost on the paper to dectect a scent. The lesson for me is to remember that when I use them again, I need to let them sit out for a day or two before using.

The Food:

Spinach Quiche using this recipe from Once Upon a Chef. I thought it was a little salty, but everyone else, including the friend who is always bluntly honest, did not think so. Nevertheless, I may reduce the salt from 3/4 tsp to 1/2 tsp next time. Slight saltiness aside, it was very tasty.

Quiche Lorraine using this recipe from NYT Cooking. It needs a fairly long setting time after it is removed from the oven. I gave it 10 minutes. Even though a knife in the middle came out clean, it was ”juicy” when we cut into it. As we plated the quiches and it set a bit longer, the juiciness began to disappear. It may have been the cheese. Even though I used the best Emmental available to me, I noticed that after I shredded it, it was a little damp-ish. It was an excellent quiche overall.

The most heard comment of the evening was ”why did I stop making quiche? It is so good!”

Salad. Arugula with lemon vinaigrette (juice of 1/2 lemon, 1/4 C EVOO, S&P to taste). Looked great on the plate and everyone scarfed it down.

Macarons. Total fail. The texture was perfect, but there was no flavor. They were just sweet. I expected a little punch of flavor. I should have gone with Zalco’s suggestion of Chouquettes.

Thanks all, for holding my hand and encouraging me. I enjoyed the evening. I need and want to do more entertaining. It’s like getting to Carnegie Hall - practice, practice, practice.

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