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Need help choosing window dressing on this window wall.

Mathias Shreve
last month
last modified: last month

I am painting my house, including the windows. I am painting inside and out. The windows are stained Golden Oak on the interior and grey on the exterior. I am painting the windows white and the exterior is a dark grey.

I took down the 114 inch long curtains from 1990 (previous owners), and now that the windows are painted, I am confused as to what to do. The windows POP out at you now. Were hardly noticeable before.

Do i leave the windows with no curtains?

Do I put curtains on each end that don't close?

Do I put a long rod back up with modern curtains that fit a Formal Living Room?

I feel this window is a highlight of the house design. I hate to cover it up again. The other half does want curtains and we are in discussion hiring a designer.

We live in the back of a neighborhood, houses are spread out, yard has plenty of trees, and there isn't a lot someone can see from that window if they were to look in.

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