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Anyone have an ID for this mystery rose?

5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any ideas about what this rose could be?

My boyfriend moved to Malta a couple of months ago and is renting a house here. In the garden there is a white rose that I would really like to identify.

It was planted at least 20 years ago and is now about two meters tall. I tried asking the owner about it but she doesn't remember a name.

It has received absolutely no care apart from the drip irrigation system. When he moved in in late May it was way too late to prune but I did do a little clearing of dead branches.

It had a big flush in early June, and has been putting out a few blooms here and there since then.

The flowers drop off on their own and do not seem to set hips (I didn't deadhead).

The flowers are smallish and have good fragrance. I'd say moderate, although perhaps it could be stronger with more fertilizer and generally better care.

Here are a bunch of pics showing various aspects of this rose.

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