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Mystery rose(s); request help with ID

10 years ago

Actually I have a few roses to ID, but uploading takes time and I don't know what putting a bunch of photos on a thread does to people who have slow connections. I need to return to Photobucket, I can see.
This first rose is a once-blooming lanky big shrub/rambler, flowering rather late in the season. It bears a family resemblance to the Pemberton Hybrid Musks descended from 'Trier' in canes, thorns, foliage, which I speculate is due to the R. multiflora both have in their ancestry. Is this a reasonable idea? let me know your thoughts. My rose suffers from drought and cane girdler, has no scent that I can detect, and I don't remember it setting hips, though I can't swear it doesn't. Leaflets are large, narrow and pointed and leaves have fringed stipules. The flowers open pale peachy pink then turn white, and give an effect of being translucent. The rose is generally not too happy in its rough spot by the ditch in full sun, and has rejoiced at this spring's rain and gray skies, putting out abundant strong growth. It tends to get killed back by the rigors of summer.
P.S. The yellow color of the leaves in this photo is due to the early morning sun, not ill health. A shot of the flowers follows.

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