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Need countertop and floor suggestions

last month
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Due to an air conditioning drain line leak and a dishwasher drain leak, we have to replace our countertops. The floor was also damaged. it is engineered hardwood. Everyone from the mold remediation team, insurance adjuster and contractor has told me it will be impossible to match. I don’t want to replace the entire area with wood. The floor is continuous into a short hall leading to powder room and master bedroom and closet. I don’t want to have to redo bedroom, hall and powder room. We are planning to replace the floor in the kitchen area

with tile. Part of the countertop was damaged in removal. i plan to have quartz countertops and tile flooring. So far it looks like the backsplash will be salvaged. It is a pinkish beige.tile. i need suggestions on how to pick pick compatible shades. i have attached photos to show the exist cabinets and floor that will abut the tile.

Thanks .

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