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Banana brownies and a really good recipe

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

I've previously posted my first adventure in putting bananas in brownies. They up the moisture and add sweetness, and use up a couple of overripe bananas. My first batch was a bit odd, needed more flour and didn't rise properly. The batch I just made had most of a third more flour, and I kind of stirred the baking powder. I used a lot less mix ins, and varied it to mini-semi-sweet chips, dried cherries torn to a similar size, and pecans ditto. I probably should have used more. The loft is a lot better than the first batch.. The eggs sat out for a couple of days waiting for me to get around to making them, rather than just a few hours. I wonder if that did it, or if it was something else. This time, I got the beginnings of a good top crust, but I think the organic raw cocoa powder last time was majorly better than the TJ's I just used.

Another recipe I found while looking for banana:

Really Good Yellow Banana Brownie Recipe:

I had enough bananas to make both, and finally got some white baking chocolate (not sure if there's a difference, though). These taste like bananas. Nothing I've ever baked tasted like bananas like these do.

What I used: American style unsalted organic butter, Baker's white chocolate baking bar (contains sugar), C&H white sugar (2/3 of the amount stated), organic unbleached flour for 1/3 of the required amount and 2/3 bleached AP (using up canisters). Organic fancy vanilla. Pastured egg, and regular Morton's table salt. 1 1/2 very ripe but with some yellow showing organic bananas (2/3 cup as required)