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Does Brother Stefan have any unusual planting / site preferences?

I killed one once, hence the question.

I was at an end of season sale at a local nursery. I didn't "need" any hostas, but that didn't stop me, LOL.

I bought a large Brother Stefan, even though this cultivar might not like me.

When I got home and looked at the place I had in mind (where I dug out a reverted Paul’s Glory several years ago, and needed a new anchor hosta), I realized I would need to move out other stuff that had since encroached on that spot. Plus I already have Cathedral Windows and an Inniswood within a couple of feet, which are too similar.

If Brother Stefan is picky about planting depth or other things (like Great Expectations is), that would eliminate some places.

If it will tolerate 4 hours of midday sun, I’ve got a dandy spot. I had to move out a Blue Angel (currently living in a pot til I figure out some other shady place) after a neighbor cut down a tree.

This and Praying Hands are the only ones left to site.

Thanks for your help.

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