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Thirteen Lives--movie on Prime. Oh my!!

last month

When I initially saw this movie was on Prime, I thought I wouldn't watch it because everyone knows what happened, right? The boys that got stuck in the cave in Thailand were all rescued. It happened in 2018, so easy to remember that. I was so wrong! I had no idea HOW they were rescued, and how incredibly suspenseful that rescue would be. I would never scuba dive because the thought terrifies me, but imagine scuba diving through a twisty turning cave with tanks on your back and barely being able to squeeze through areas, for 6 to 8 hours to get to the boys. Then, how to get them out? The movie was so incredibly suspenseful and well done, I highly recommend it.

The rescue was accomplished because of an incredibly bold idea by an Australian anesthetist, and I had no idea that was how they accomplished this. Having used these drugs for anesthesia, this feat was mind boggling.

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