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chair ideas for this table

2 days ago
last modified: 2 days ago

Hi, so I am trying to modernize my apartment. I have a large room that serves as a living room with 2 gray tuffed couches and a glass coffee table (old natuzzi) a long white entertainment center x fireplace unit thats under a wall mounted TV. Rug is grayish white. Floors are medium stained wood. I know white and gray modern isnt the best look for these types of floors but I am doing my best. My previous round kitchen table was all clear glass with silver legs, and the chairs are tall backs, black leather with silver legs. The only good thing about my old (current) table is its clear so doesnt take up lots of space visually.

I know this table is heavier look wise and space wise so I just do not want the chairs to look to bulky either...was considering ghost style chairs but are they really comfy? and arent they out of style? Please help me choose chairs based on the info above thanks !! ALSO I like silver I have a few silver accents in lamps and end tables.

OH and height wise in inches what height should the chair be so I am sitting comfy and in a good place at the table? height of the table is 30"

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