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FFE Seedlings 2022

2 months ago

There were a lot of first time blooming seedlings this year. A lot for me (v small yard). Nobody sees them so I figured at least people who like daylilies will look at them.

Still dealing with some health issues that makes it unpredictable when / if I can use computer. Last year I couldn't manage a single post, but could comment more. We'll see how this goes.


Attempt to get a better edge on my seedling by crossing it with Gilded by Grace (GBG)

eyed/edged sdlg x GBG


eyed/edged sdlg x GBG


Attempt to get a red eye and edge, by crossing lights / whites with Raspberries in Cream (RIC)




Attempt to give my dark red seedling with a thin white edge a better, wider edge by crossing it with Kingdom Without End

sdlg x KWE


sdlg x KWE


sdlg x KWE


sdlg x KWE

and the biggest one of them all I almost killed with care, barely survived..


Russian Destiny x bee

I normally don't keep bee pods but RuD (I call it Rudy) is my latest tet so why not get a VL sdlg, but it's an exact copy


Attempt to get a big flower, UF shape by using my only huge UF which is Yellow Titan (YT). I was expecting mud..

But oops


sdlg x YT, I know Bonanza, but walnut broke the scape after the FFE and the thing opened every single bud in a cup of water! I think it deserves another year


pinkish brown


and orangish brown

the rest in comments

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