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Cluster of Lights

2 months ago

Dilemma #1

We are building a home and get a lighting allowance at a preferred store or will be refunded if we buy elsewhere up to that amount. I feel like this house has a lot of areas the traditional 'boob' light would go, so we are trying to find alternatives without being too matchy matchy (and make the most of the allowance).

Door hardware is black, kitchen and bathroom cabinet pulls are gold - so I have been mixing black and gold fixtures. Ceiling fans are a must for our family, but I know some people would never use them.

  • Should all the hallway lights be the same? My idea to mix them up was keep the garage entry hall light and the light at the entry to the living room the same, but the two 'foyer/hall' lights into the the two bedrooms could be different. Same for the laundry room. Is this too busy? If so I feel like the more lights that are identical the more simple they need to be.

Here is my current lighting plan. I have lots of similar alternatives for the hall & laundry lights, but mostly am wanting to know if due to location they should be identical or not?

Dilemma #2

We didn't notice that we may have needed to move the basement light a little farther back into the basement stair hall. We realized too late that since we have elevated ceilings, a light for our open basement staircase now looks very close to another light. The model had a much deeper transom area/entryway divider on the ceiling between rooms, so there was more a separation between fixtures.

They just did the ceiling texture the other day so we are looking for advice on types of lights that could work close together and if this space can work as is.

  • Would an option be to just cap the light just after the entry divide and not put anything there so its less busy? Or would you try and get the stairwell light moved farther down the open stairwell?

This pic is the view from the door (including where the lights unseen from this angle would be). One side of the stairs has a short half banister opening up the area where the stairwell light will be.

This is the view looking away from the living room area, the plan for the far left light is a wider architectural light to highlight the art that will go on that wall.

Dilemma #3

Does anyone have advice for the bathroom fans? We didn't realize on the plans the icon representing the vent fans did not include lights, but we have seen some light/fan combos. Any suggestions?


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