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I had a great brunch today!

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Tom's SIL and I met for brunch today. We met at a longtime favourite restaurant of mine; 45 min. from her home and 1:45 from mine.

It was a perfect day for a drive, sunroof open, tunes on and anticipating a great meal.

The restaurant is a converted schoolhouse from years ago. My family used to go for Mother's Day back in the late 80s/early 90s. Tom and I went once and we were planning to go the following year for our 'anniversary' (date we met) but life had other ideas.

Table in front of the fireplace, (hah, the exact same table T and I were seated). This is Christie. Her husband, Tom's brother died in Feb or March.

I love the table setting, large folded nappies, basket of warm biscuits and sweet potato muffins

I knew I wanted the French onion soup........luckily I have a trucker's appetite!

Then the salad

And finally the main. Filet of sole with lobster over wild rice blend and Newberg sauce.

Don't worry, I brought half of it home!!!

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